Hot this season – Veja! The ethics behind the brand

Veja, founded in 2004, is a truly ethical brand, producing high quality beautifully designed sneakers but with the main focus on social responsibility.

Made in Brazil, care goes into every aspect of the production of these sneakers; design that will look great and stand the test of time, raw materials that are environmentally friendly and produced and purchased according to fair trade principles, manufactured in factories with high social standards where everyone gets the respect they deserve. And, sticking their neck out for the greater good, Veja have made a stand to use no advertising and no marketing. Instead they ensure that the producers of raw materials are justly compensated and financially secure, and put money into the workers livelihoods and communities instead of the smoke and mirrors of global advertising and marketing.

Veja rely on the collective intelligence of those in the marketplace to choose their sneakers. Go you, you really can be proud to wear these!

All your favourites, plus lots of fresh new designs and colours, go high or go low? Choices, choices!

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